Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved with the Houston Chapter of the Texas Tech Alumni Association, review the available positions and the descriptions of responsibilities provided. Please, make sure you can commit the time necessary to fulfill your position, attend monthly Board meetings and be present at most of the events. You must be a member in good standing (meaning a PAID member of the TTAA) and meet the minimum standards for the position as stated below.

Board of Directors Positions:


The President shall supervise and control the affairs of TTAA Houston.

The President shall preside at all Board meetings and at all meetings of the membership, serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, unless otherwise provided by the Board, set the agenda for each meeting of the Board, maintain contact with the Texas Tech Alumni Association in Lubbock and our Regional Rep, and serve as Immediate Past President in the year immediately following his or her term as President.

The President must have served as a former member of the TTAA Houston Board for a minimum of one year.

Vice President

The Vice President shall perform all duties the President delegates to him or her. This includes serving as the primary representative at any event in which the President is unable to attend.

If the President is unable to fulfill his or her position or any refusal to do so, the Vice President shall take responsibility for and perform all duties until further notice, unless the Board has designated another person as President.


The Treasurer shall have charge and custody of all TTAA Houston funds and financial records, including bank accounts, Square Pay accounts, etc. Shall oversee and supervise the financial business of TTAA Houston, shall render reports and accountings to the Board at regular board meetings, or as required by the Directors.

The Treasurer shall compile an annual report covering the year’s finances for presentation to the Board at the December Board meeting. They shall also prepare an annual budget for the current year for presentation to the Board at the February Board meeting.

Treasurer shall perform his or her duties under the general financial oversight of the Immediate Past President.


The Secretary shall facilitate Board meetings and shall be responsible for taking and maintaining accurate minutes of Board meetings and membership meetings, including a record of all votes cast in elections and other votes.

The Secretary shall be the custodian of all of TTAA Houston’s non-financial documents and property and act as a historian for TTAA Houston.

Social Director

The Social Director shall be responsible for booking monthly happy hours, game-watch parties, and any other related events as approved by the Board, including coordinating all items needed at each event (e.g. supplies, flyers, door prizes), sign-up sheet for check in table, equipment needed at the venue (e.g. music, communication system) and evites as needed.

The Social Director is also responsible for coordinating with the Communications Director for promotion of TTAA Houston events.

Membership Director

The Membership Director shall be responsible for maintaining the TTAA Houston membership database and facilitating the documentation of new member requests.

Coordinate with other Directors as needed to outreach and obtain Chapter sponsorships.

Golf Tournament Director

The Golf Tournament Director shall be responsible for all planning of the Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser, including site selection, vendor selections, operational planning, and sponsorships.

The Golf Tournament Director shall assign and oversee golf tournament related tasks to other Board members to distribute the workload.

The Golf Tournament Director is also responsible for coordinating with the Board to ensure adequate giveaways and TTAA Houston sales items and is responsible for preparing event promotion content for email blasts and newsletters.

Coordinate with the Treasurer for setup of online registration website and payment to vendors as needed. Maintain an accurate record of financials to be presented to the Board upon completion of the tournament, or as requested by the President. Ensure all items are closed and set the date for the next year’s tournament; including sending a Save-the-Date to our membership.

Scholarship/ Academic Director

The Scholarship Director shall coordinate with the TTAA in Lubbock to facilitate the annual TTAA Houston scholarship program. Responsibilities include receiving and distributing scholarship applications to the Board for review and selection of top candidates for interviews, coordination with potential scholarship recipients for time and location of interviews and logistics of the award presentation.

The Academic Director shall seek support from the TTAA Houston membership when volunteers are needed for area recruiting programs and other events.

The Academic Director is responsible for communications content for updating the TTAA Houston membership on academic recruiting related news from TTU and for contacting the TTU Alumni Association and TTU Foundations for supplies needed for TTAA Houston events.

Communications Director

The Communications Director shall be responsible for outreach to TTAA Houston members and prospective members by facilitating internal and external communications.

The Communications Director shall maintain and enhance the TTAA Houston website and other communications including the TTAA Houston email account, email blasts, Evites, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) through coordination with the managers of such media.

The Communications Director is also responsible for working with coordinators of TTAA Houston events to establish and maintain a communications schedule for specific events.

The Communications Director shall develop and implement strategies for e-newsletter communications. Actively utilize social media as a communication device for promotion of chapter events, connecting with local alumni, and items relating to Texas Tech University.

Communications: Website Manager

Manage and maintain, work across all committees to represent. Representative must have advanced web skills.

Communications: Email Manager

Plan, design, develop and deploy email blasts; manage emails. Representative must have basic web skills.

Directors at Large

Past board members must have served as Board of Director for the previous 3 fiscal years with good standing.


Help with various events throughout the year. Assist Director positions with various projects, represent the Houston Chapter at events, learn and gain experience for future involvement. Perfect for individuals who are unable to make the time commitment as a full time Director!