UPDATE: TTU Day at the Astros

Join us this Saturday, July 15, at Minute Maid Park as we cheer on the Astros and award scholarships to this year’s winners.

How To Enter: Please enter through the Union Station Employee door located at the corner off Crawford St. The employee door can be located across from the 500 Crawford Leasing office across the street and has a key card scanner adjacent to the door. There will be a guest services representative help assist Red Raider fans through the door and up to the Roof Deck Space.

After the reception has ended (approx. 5:30-5:45), you will exit the Roof Deck/Union Station and re-enter through a gate. The Astros suggest you enter through the Center Field Gate in close proximity to Union Station. Once at the gate, you will go through security and scan your tickets to enter the ballpark.

Pre-Game Reception: Light Refreshments (popcorn, sodas, brownies) & a cash bar (alcohol) will be provided. President Lawrence Schovanec and Dr. Bill Dean will plan to speak around 5:00PM. Once the reception ends, fans are encouraged to head back down to the Union Station lobby to scan their ticket to gain entry to the game.

Bobblehead Giveaway: VERY IMPORTANT. There is a Carlos Correa bobblehead giveaway for the first 10,000 fans in attendance on Saturday, July 15th. Due to the fan volume, game day protocols, and ensuring that our fans have the best experience at Minute Maid Park, once you have scanned your ticket into the ballpark, you cannot scan out and re-enter. The bobblehead giveaway is handed out inside the ballpark, after your tickets are scanned. This will give you (2) options on Saturday:

1. Enter through Union Station, go through Security, scan your ticket, and receive Bobblehead giveaway (if you are one of the first 10,000 fans). We do not permit re-entry which means that if you choose to scan into the ballpark for the giveaway but then leave to head to the Roof Deck space, you will not be permitted back into the ballpark.


2. Enter through Union Station employee door and head up to the Pre-Game Reception in the Roof Deck. This will NOT guarantee you the bobblehead item. Once the pre-game reception wraps up between 5:30-5:45, you will exit Union Station and enter through another gate. To enter the ballpark, you will need to go through security and scan your ticket(s) to enter the ballpark.